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Upcoming Topics

  • Software
  • Software: Service provider systems
  • Service provider cloud systems
  • Carrier network management software
  • Security software
  • Storage software
  • Operating systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Virtualization software
  • Visualization systems
  • Information software
  • Data management software
  • Data warehouse
  • Data analytics
  • Cognitive computing
  • Server linux operating systems
  • Server microsoft operating systems
  • Mainframe operating systems
  • Mobile smart phone operating systems
  • Tablet operating systems
  • Open systems operating systems
  • Application development
  • Application design tools
  • Application development tools
  • Application life-cycle management
  • Middleware
  • Application server
  • Business intelligence
  • Applications
  • Services oriented architecture (SOA) application platforms
  • Web services application platforms
  • Geographic information system/spatial information management
  • Financial
  • Human resources
  • Inventory
  • Project control
  • Enterprise resource management (ERM) (ERP)
  • Supply chain management/logistics
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales force automation
  • Content management
  • Unstructured data management applications
  • Search and discovery
  • Content access tools
  • Operations and manufacturing applications
  • Engineering / design applications
  • Operating segments, geo in billions
  • Collaborative systems
  • Email applications
  • Social networking applications
  • Client desktop productivity
  • Cloud computing
  • Predictive software & analytics‎
  • Mobile web development tools
  • Business process management
  • Connected home
  • Smart grid
  • Home security systems
  • On premise integration systems
  • Content management
  • Unstructured data management
  • Data base management applications
    • Technology/Renewable Energy
    • Communication / Networking Equipment
    • Servicing provider equipment
    • Datacenter equipment
    • Computer Equipment
    • Mainframes
    • X86 servers
    • Power systems
    • White boxes
    • Pcs
    • Tablets
    • Smartphone Equipment
    • Smartphones
    • Led Semiconductor
    • Led grow lights
    • Led lighting home and domestic
    • Leds for displays
    • Led lighting commercial
    • Led lighting traffic lights
    • Led audio
    • Opto electronics for telecom
    • Opto electronics for datacom
    • RFID
    • Electronics for flexible displays
    • Thin Film Batteries
    • Thin film batteries
    • RFID batteries
    • Implantable thin film batteries
    • Fuel Cells
    • Stationary fuels cells
    • Automotive fuel cells
    • Porta le fuel cells
    • Bicycle fuel cells
    • Scooter fuel cells
    • Wheel chair fuel cells
    • Renewable Energy
    • Solar panels residential
    • Solar panels commercial
    • Wind energy
    • Tidal energy
    • Smart grid equipment
    • CSP concentrating solar power
    • Batteries
    • Car batteries
    • Large scale batteries - power systems/grid
    • Large scale batteries - off grid
  • Medical
  • Medical Software
  • Healthcare applications: telemedicine
  • Healthcare applications: apps
  • Healthcare applications: m-health
  • Healthcare applications: cloud
  • Medical Equipment
  • Wheel chair fuel cells
  • Wheel chair batteries
  • Light weight and racing wheel chairs
  • Standard hospital wheel chairs
  • Power wheel chairs
  • Manual wheel chairs
  • Exoskeletons
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Stationary oxygen concentrators
  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Portable oxygen tanks
  • CPAP and BiPAP
  • Cylinders / regulators
  • Nebulizers
  • Pulse oximeters


WinterGreen Impact Market Share Trends product is created using a methodology which includes conducting interviews, mining published data, tracking industry trends, and expert analysis. The combination of the different sources of information allow a unique look at each company’s quarterly performance inside a given market segment. This analysis provides a view of the total market segment, where direct comparison between large and small companies is facilitated.

Interviews are conducted with vendors, former employees, distributors, users, and industry experts who inform senior staff of ongoing trends and events. Sufficient interviews are performed to insure understanding of the selected market segment.

About The Company

WinterGreen Research, founded in 1985, provides strategic market assessments in telecommunications, communications equipment, health care, Software, Internet, Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Renewable energy, and advanced computer technology.

Industry reports focus on opportunities that expand existing markets or develop major new markets. The reports access new product and service positioning strategies, new and evolving technologies, and technological impact on products, services, and markets. Innovation that drives markets is explored. Market shares are provided. Leading market participants are profiled, and their marketing strategies, acquisitions, and strategic alliances are discussed. The principals of WinterGreen Research have been involved in analysis and forecasting of international business opportunities in telecommunications and advanced computer technology markets for over 30 years.

The studies provide primary analytical insight about the market participants. By publishing material relevant to the positioning of each company, readers can look at the basis for analysis. By providing descriptions of each major participant in the market, the reader is not dependent on analyst assumptions, the information backing the assumptions is provided, permitting readers to examine the basis for the conclusions.

WinterGreen Research is positioned to help customers facing challenges that define the modern enterprises. The increasingly global nature of science, technology and engineering is a reflection of the implementation of the globally integrated enterprise. Customers trust wintergreen research to work alongside them to ensure the success of the participation in a particular market segment.

WinterGreen Research supports various market segment programs; provides trusted technical services to the marketing departments. It carries out accurate market share and forecast analysis services for a range of commercial and government customers globally. These are all vital market research support solutions requiring trust and integrity.

About the Principal Authors

Susie Eustis, Ph. D., Vice President of Development, member of the Board of Directors of WinterGreen Research, provides market assessments to determine size of future markets and best in class technologies. Her Ph. D. was on the optical properties of gold and silver nanoparticles. Previously she was a Research Scientist at Directed Vapor Technologies International (DVTI), specializing in grant writing and grant execution as well as strategic project direction planning. She is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology Laser Dynamics Laboratory and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). She is the lead author of the WinterGreen Impact Market Segment Analysts reports.

Ellen T. Curtiss, Technical Director, co-founder of WinterGreen Research, conducts strategic and market assessments in technology-based industries. Previously she was a member of the staff of Arthur D. Little, Inc., for 23 years, most recently as Vice President of Arthur D. Little Decision Resources, specializing in strategic planning and market development services. She is a graduate of Boston University and the Program for Management Development at Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. She is the author of recent studies on worldwide telecommunications markets, the top ten internet equipment companies, the top ten contract manufacturing companies, and the Top Ten Telecommunications market analysis and forecasts.

Susan Eustis, President, co-founder of WinterGreen Research, is a senior analyst. She has done research in communications, healthcare equipment, and computer markets and applications. She holds several patents in microcomputing and parallel processing. She has the original patents in electronic voting machines. She has new patent applications in format varying, mulitprocessing, and electronic voting. She is the author of recent studies of the Internet, Cloud Computing marketing strategies, Internet equipment, biometrics, a study of Healthcare Equipment, Worldwide Telecommunications Equipment, Top Ten Telecommunications, Digital Loop Carrier, Web Hosting, Web Services, and Application Integration markets. Ms. Eustis is a graduate of Barnard College. Ms. Eustis was named Top Woman CEO in 2012 by Who’s Who Worldwide. She was named Top Woman Market Research Analyst the same year.


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